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Meet Jessica Parker~

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Meet Jessica Parker~

Post by Jessica Parker on Mon Jan 18, 2016 2:18 pm

Meet Jessica Parker

Name~ Jessica Parker

nickname~ Jess

gender~ Female

age~ 17

species~ human [assassin]

Power/ability~ Jessica has two abilities, the first being Pain illusion, what happens with pain illusion is she can stare anyone down and make them feel as bad as she wants it to. but the thing is, its not actual pain the victim thinks they're in pain due to the illusion there for falls and becomes an easy target, the only disadvantage is she has to concentrate and she can only do it to one person at a time. the second one is lesser of the two, she has telepathy, but the interesting thing is she can hear everyone's thoughts, those she is closer to are much more clear and easier to hear. but if she focuses on a person if they are within a 25 mile radius she is able to indicate approximately where they are to be able to track them down and kill them.

Personality~ Jessica is a very stubborn girl, once she sets her mind to something there is no backing down at all. She is kind though she can be very mean, she is short tempered yet patient being able to withstand acting on impulse, after her parents died, Jessica found herself needing someone to be close to, having PTSD, not wanting someone to leave her in fear of them not returning.

Appearance~ Jessica has dark hair that rests at the middle of her back, she has gorgeous green eyes though one is slightly more green than the other she definitely has blue eyes, she stands at 5"6 just above average for a female, she has olive colored skin, her outfit consists of well... I cant explain it so just look at the two pictures below of her appearance.

Photo (optional)~

History~ Jessica was the youngest out of all the children. their parents were murdered along with her siblings and they were taken into an assassin guild where she now follows Mitchell Jonas. she is quite close with her  guild since after her parents died she had no one except the guild that took her in when she was just 8 years old training her to be one of the best assassins there are. The guild now being called “The Black Rose”

weakness~ She lacks in strength and she is short tempered

Strengths~ although she is short tempered she has patience so she doesn't act on impulse when she is angry, she may lack in strength but she makes up for it with stamina, speed, and ability to track people telepathically.

siblings~ all deceasd

parents~ deceased

Secret(s)~ non ya business

Crush~ no one yet

girlfriend/boyfriend~ lol no

wife/husband~ nope

Kids~ hell to the mofoing nah

how active will you be? 1-10~ 8

pets: Jessica has a very well trained dapple grey stallion named Spirit

Jessica Parker

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